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Roguelite FPS Gunfire Reborn Now Available Worldwide

Remember when Gunfire Reborn came out in Europe last month and if you didn’t live in Europe you were all – gosh, why can’t I play Gunfire Reborn!?! Well, stop pouting – the game is out worldwide now.

What kind of game is it? The kind of game where you shoot anything that falls to smithereens. It combines FPS blasting and rougelite and RPG mechanics to make something really special.

You have several characters to choose from, and then very different weapons to equip. Throw in scrolls that give you extra abilities and you have a recipe for repeated chaos. Here’s a trailer.

The game has a nice low-poly look and runs super smooth on most decent Android devices. There are shades of Borderlands here, but the game has a feel all its own. And you will probably enjoy every second you spend with it.

The best part? That will be that it is a premium release. How much will it cost you back? It will cost you $6.99, which seems like a decent price for a game you could potentially play forever.

If you want to give Gunfire Reborn a chance, you can click here to download it from play store just this second.

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