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Rogue Company Elite Android Pre-Registration is here

Rogue Company Elite, the Android version of the team shooter Rogue Company, is pre-registered and has a few rewards up for grabs.

There are some incentives to sign up in advance. First Watch Games has released a reward ladder that will grant all players exclusive rewards at global launch, if enough people pre-register through the official website.

The rewards start with an animated avatar, move up to an animated banner, then move to skins. There is the option to unlock a Bubblegum Reaper weapon wrap further down the road, and once the full total is reached an epic Ronin skin, Venomous Ronin, will be available to all players.

Not a port, a full remake

The Rogue Company Elite Android version isn’t just another port of the PC and console game. The developers have rebuilt the third-person shooter from the ground up with mobile play in mind, so hopefully we can look forward to a good performance.

The developer hasn’t named a release date yet, though we probably won’t have much longer to wait.

The original Rogue Company is a team-based third-person shooter that follows the adventures of Rogue Company. They are an organization of mercenaries who take on the government and special interest groups to combat major threats to society.

Join a merry band of assassins

However, just because they’re more or less doing the right thing doesn’t necessarily mean the Rogues are community-oriented Boy Scouts. They’re a vicious roster of killers, hackers, field experts, and all-round lunatics who just happen to be extremely good at what they do.

The gameplay is multiplayer and team based. You must support the other members of your squad, complete objectives and send anyone on your way to meet their maker. Different characters have different skills, so diversity will be a good thing.

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