Rick and Morty season 6 release date and time — How to watch online right now, channel and more

After a less-sizable delay than last time, it’s finally time to watch Rick and Morty season 6 online. And the only potential problem is that we have a lot to go over from last season. Last we saw Rick and Morty, they were stuck in space, after the citadel was exploded and Evil Morty had escaped the Finite Curve (possibly leaving the show for good).

Rick and Morty season 6 episode 1 time and channel

The Rick and Morty season 6 premiere “Solaricks” (get it?) airs today (Sunday, Sept. 4) at 11 p.m. ET.
It’s on Cartoon Network, during the AdultSwim block.

Expect Rick and Morty season 6 to also give us more about Rick’s loopy backstory. As we learned last season, a “Killer Rick” is apparently responsible for the murders of his wife Diane and a younger Beth. Many plot twists later, we now know that Rick will no longer be the smartest man wherever he travels. 

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