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Retro Platforming Sequel Dadish 3 Now Available on the Play Store

At the beginning of last month, we told you that the retro platform game Dadish 3 with vegetable feud was coming. Time has passed since then, enough time for Dadish 3 to actually make it to the Play Store. So there you go, another news prophecy fulfilled.

Dadish 3 sees you trying to find your kids again. This time they have gone on a suspicious excursion and you must find them before something terrible happens to them.

There are 50 levels to work through, some of which involve making friends with a dolphin, riding the back of your estranged wife (who is a tomato), and much more. Here’s a trailer.

You will encounter five different bosses and make your way past a series of other junk food themed enemies. Like unsatisfied bread.

The game offers the same kind of humor as the previous two in the Dadish series, as well as an excellent soundtrack to bang on. Do people still do? Have people ever been lucky?

You can click here to download Dadish 3 directly from the play store† It’s free with IAP, but we don’t think it will be the icky kind of free with IAP.

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