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Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is now available to even more players

Ubisoft’s mobile port of Rainbow Six Siege has yet to be released on the Google Play Store. Surprisingly, though, the developer is allowing more testers to play Rainbow Six Siege Mobile before release.

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Invitations

As the actual release of Rainbow Six Siege Mobile gets closer, Ubisoft is letting more gamers test the game. Better, however, are some limitations on the new wave of tests.

You will only be able to access the new Rainbow Six mobile port if you have previously signed up. Please note that this does not mean you have guaranteed access. Unfortunately, that’s just the nature of betas.

You can still apply to get beta access, although we have no idea when you’ll be able to play. To sign up, you need to go to the official website. Hopefully there will be more time to play before the game comes out.

In addition to the new wave of testing, Ubisoft has introduced a new wave of updates to the mobile port. The developer’s latest patch aims to fix many of the port and network rubberbanding crashing issues.

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New servers coming soon

New testers aren’t the only things coming to Rainbow Six Siege Mobile. In fact, the mobile game is also getting all-new servers for gamers in Indian territories.

Revealed on the game’s official Twitter account, new servers have been added in Mumbai. The tweet reads: “Operators! We are opening and testing more servers in Mumbai to improve the gaming experience for our community in India. Stay tuned for new #R6M invite waves in the coming days!”

It seems that the RSSM betas are particularly popular in that region. Hopefully, when the game comes out, even more servers will be added to improve latency.

Are you excited about this ambitious mobile port? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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