PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Who has the best exclusive games?

We’re almost two years into the life cycles of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and simply finding a console is still something of a challenge. However, if you do manage to track down a system, the next big challenge might be finding an exclusive game to play. While exclusive games more or less defined the last two console generations, these days, even just nailing down what counts as an “exclusive” can be pretty slippery.

Still, since exclusive games can be a big factor in purchasing one console or the other, Tom’s Guide wanted to at least attempt a comparison between the two. In the competition of PS5 vs. Xbox Series X, who has the best exclusive games? To find out, we’ll first need to define what an “exclusive game” even means in the current gaming sphere.

Exclusive parameters

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First things first: We’re going to use the term “exclusive” a little more loosely than we might have in the PS3/Xbox 360 days. If you take “exclusive” to mean “available on one, and only one, console,” then the current console generation has precisely five exclusive games, all of which are on PS5. That wouldn’t make for a particularly interesting or insightful comparison.

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