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Point-and-Click Adventure Voodoo Detective launches later this month

If you’re craving a hand-drawn, classic point-and-click adventure, we’ve got some good news for you. Because Voodoo Detective offers all those things and is coming to the Play Store later this month.

The game takes place in the 1930s on an island called New Ginen and you play as the titular detective. There’s a dime-sized novel vibe here, as well as plenty of comedy and puzzles to get done.

And like we said, the game is hand drawn, so it looks pretty awesome to boot. If only we had a trailer to share with you. Oh wait, we do. Here it is. Neat.

There’s also an impressive voice cast, with actors who have appeared in a whole host of other games and movies. Such as Mass Effect, Fallout, Star Trek and Austin Powers. To name a few.

We get solid Monkey Island vibes from the whole thing, which is never anything to complain about. And it promises a lot of quirkiness and intrigue, which are two of our favorite things.

Voodoo Detective will be available on the Play Store on May 24. Which should mean you can play it a week from today. That’s almost no time, if you think about it.

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