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Pirate Simulator Abandon Ship Now Available on Play Store

Want to show pirate behavior this week? Being a captain on a ship, firing cannons, that sort of thing? Then you’re in luck, because Abandon Ship has just landed on the Play Store. Unless you wanted to do it in real life, then you’re on your own.

Pre-registration went live for the game all the way back in April, so no doubt you’ve been waiting with bated breath and parrots to get your hands on this one. Those were some pirate jokes. We’re not even a little sorry.

The game focuses on tactical combat – you will fight other ships and huge, fearsome sea monsters as you travel around a series of islands full of stories and events.

Even if your ship is destroyed, you still have a chance to continue. Either by escaping on a life raft or by bobbing in the choppy sea and hoping someone will pick you up. If you die, it’s game over.

There’s a campaign mode that’s all about bringing in a cult that worships a Cthulhu-esque demon god. And there are also other shorter experiences to play through. So yes, a lot is happening.

You can click here to download Abandon Ship from Play Store† It’s a free download that gives you a taste, and there’s an IAP to unlock the rest of the game if you like what you see.

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