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Pinku Kult: Hex Mortis from Valorware launches next week

Valorware is the developer behind the 9th Dawn and Throne Quest games, and it’s just been revealed that the next project – Pinku Kult: Hex Mortis – will hit the Play Store next week. When next week?

That’s an excellent question. It is set to make its debut on Android on June 1, the same day it launches on a slew of other platforms. The game is a unique looking 2D RPG that is all about magic and murder and gooey stuff. Probably.

Set in a place called Razore City, you are tasked by the Shokan Corp to investigate some strange happenings and find the mastermind behind them all – a girl in a fox mask. Sounds pretty good. Here’s a trailer.

You build a team of misfits as you make your way through a series of dungeons inspired by the demons that inhabit them. Oh yes, there are a lot of demons here.

There are also huge boss fights and an old-fashioned turn-based combat system that fans of JRPGs will get pretty soon. There is also plenty of player customization.

Pink Kult: Hex Mortis is based on a clothing brand also designed by Hana Eaton. So that’s fun too? The game will hit the Play Store on June 1, and you’ll get $4.99 back when that happens.

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