Peloton may have finally won me over — here’s how

I haven’t been a believer in Peloton. Though I took a few rides on the communal Peloton Bike in my apartment building’s gym, and even reviewed the standalone Peloton App thanks to the famous 3-months-free promotion, I never quite understood the hype. 

But it turns out Peloton might not be the culty workout fad I thought it to be. Ahead of the new Peloton Studios opening in New York City, I took an in-person class in a space that will soon be available to and abuzz with Peloton members. While Peloton’s live class schedule and extensive class backlog will remain available to members at home, Peloton Studios revives the option to ride, run and more in a group class format.

Upon arriving at the studio, I found a locker to stow my gym bag and set out to explore the new space. The best way I can describe the Hudson Yards building is if an Apple Store turned into a spa, complete with high ceilings, lots of light and modern fixtures. The more I explored, the more luxurious the studios felt, right down to the Dyson hair dryers in the locker rooms. 

Peloton Studios

(Image credit: Future)

Peloton Studios created a space to just not workout, but to prep, recover, clean-up, shop and connect. It’s these pre- and post-workout nuances that make me love belonging to a gym or signing up for studio classes. I miss these small moments when working out with the best home gym equipment in my living room. But perhaps I didn’t know just how much they elevate exercising until I was there, strapping on cycling cleats, filling up water bottles and making introductions with fellow class-goers.

Despite burning quads and sweat dripping from what felt like every pore of my body, this was one of the most enjoyable cycling classes I’ve ever experienced.

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