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Papers, Please comes to mobile with portrait mode gameplay

The brilliantly dramatic dystopian border control simulator Papers, Please is finally coming to mobile. After years of pleading, developer Lucas Pope has announced the highly anticipated mobile port of this beautiful game.

How is Papers, Please on mobile?

Announced on Twitter, Papers, Please’s mobile port is a huge advantage for mobile gamers. Recreated in a phone-friendly aspect ratio, the entire game is now presented vertically.

Pope revealed the games release date alongside the game’s announcement. In a simple tweet, the developer showed an image of the game with the tweet: “’Papers, Please’ but small. August 5.

Importantly, the game is a premium, standalone release. Unlike other recent mobile masterpieces like Into the Breach, Pope’s port is not part of the usual Netflix Gaming releases. However, the upcoming lineup there is quite impressive.

Judging by Pope’s image, this release won’t just be the original game. In fact, the game will feature both the main story and an endless mode. That’s right, every piece of content is available here to play on the go.

In addition, performance fighters will be pleased. While not revolutionary, this mobile port does support mobile performance, just in case you’re into it.

How long did it take to port?

In the comments to the game’s Twitter announcement, Pope was asked about a VR port of the game. While a VR version was not ruled out, the developer discussed how long it would take to bring the game to mobile.

Due to the reuse of original assets, the new mobile conversion took many more months. With only minor changes, this mobile port was no small feat!

Are there any changes?

Pope did explain that some changes have been made to the mobile version, but nothing major. To make the game more fun, the timers have been adjusted and the economy is more balanced.

“Timers are slightly modified, yes,” Pope said. “The interface is completely different, so there is only one upgrade of the booth: tabs with rules. The only economic rebalancing was the payout for participants processed after 6:00 PM.”

Papers, Please launches on Android (and the others) on August 5.

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