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Oxenfree scrapped on Android in favor of new Netflix version

One of the greatest video game stories of all time is now available on Android: Oxenfree Mobile. A new, improved version of an existing mobile game, this new port offers many benefits, but also a worrisome future.

Netflix releases Oxenfree Mobile

Released this weekend, Oxenfree: Netflix Edition is an enhanced version of the narrative adventure. As one of the best Android games available, this is simply a better version of an already fantastic game.

In the new version, you can expect multiple bug fixes, stability improvements and support for newer devices. Furthermore, the game is now available in more than 24 languages, just like Into the Breach.

Furthermore, this game is included in your normal Netflix subscription. This means you’ll have access to this game as well as a collection of other goodies such as Twelve Minutes and Immortality when they launch.

However, this version of the game poses problems for the future. This is because this new port has completely replaced the original paid version of the game on all mobile windows.

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Another game you don’t own

Netflix’s video game subscription service has received a lot of criticism for destroying game preservation. With every game associated with the service, there’s no way to play those games once Netflix dies.

So far, however, Netflix has only released new or heavily expanded games. In this case, Oxenfree: Netflix Edition is a barely modified version of the game that completely replaces the original.

This also means that gamers without a Netflix subscription can no longer get Oxenfree without it. Well, not legally anyway. In addition, once your Netflix subscription expires, you will now lose access to the game.

Perhaps not many people will care about this fact. On the other hand, that makes this scenario no less than troublesome than it is.

If you’re interested in picking up the new Netflix version, you can do it right here.

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