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OUYA relic Great frog? jumps on android with hugely updated port

The ill-fated OUYA was a valiant, if poorly executed, attempt to make Android a major gaming platform against PlayStation and Xbox. While it didn’t pan out, the platform did result in some exclusive games on the platform. One of these games was Amazing Frog?.

A Goat Simulator-esque crazy sandbox game, there’s not much to write home about with the Amazing Frog?. However, the game is finally launching on Android, and isn’t lingering in the gaming industry’s aging paperweight.

Great frog? On Android

Launching on November 1, the all-new version of this crazy adventure will be a premium experience on mobile. Currently there is no price for the Android port. However, since the iOS version costs $5.99, we expect this port to cost about the same.

This new port contains mechanics and locations from the latest PC version of the game. This means you can explore different worlds, wear dozens of outfits and terrorize the locals in ways that weren’t possible before!

The whole purpose of this game is freedom. If you want to drive around in a car and destroy public property, you can! If you want to find a jetpack and fly as high as possible, that’s okay too. There are limits to what you can do, but that’s because it’s a video game.

To commemorate this new version, developer Fayju has released an all-new trailer. Honestly, it’s very similar to how we remember the original game, but it’s been a while! Take a look below.

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Escape the OUYA

As expected, there aren’t that many exclusive OUYA games. While the great frog? Android release was linked to the system, it seems that other versions on PC and iOS. Nevertheless, there is still one game that has never been released outside of OUYA: Soul Fjourd.

One of the first games announced for the Android console, this roguelike is still stuck in the system. Hopefully one day it can see a proper mobile release and be treated appropriately. Well, wouldn’t that be nice?

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