ongc: ONGC adopts new drilling technology in Tripura

ONGC has successfully drilled three gas wells in Tripura using new technology, a senior company official said Sunday. The new technology – Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) proved to be beneficial in the state as conventional drilling could not be used in these geographic locations, said ONGC Tripura Asset Manager, Tarun Malik during a speech at a function.

“Last year, Tripura was the first to successfully drill on an MPD basis to reach those areas in West Tripura and Sepahijala districts where the conventional drilling system is deficient,” he said, adding that testing of two drilled wells has yet to be completed. executed. finished.

Previously, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) had difficulties in carrying out drilling operations in some locations due to different geographic formations.

Malik said ONGC plans to undertake gas exploration in new geographic formation areas with the latest technology.

“As of now, Tripura Asset is based on gas and who knows if oil can be discovered in the future. But there is no guarantee that oil will be found as of today. Only time will speak,” he said.

Currently, ONGC supplies about 45 lakh cubic meters of gas per day against the installed capacity of producing 50 lakh cubic meters of gas per day.

In Tripura, natural gas is only used for energy production in two mega-plants: NEEPCO’s RC Nagar plant and OPTC’s Palatana plant. The demand for gas is less in the state due to lack of industrial consumption.

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