Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 live blog — where to find stock


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If you don’t want to go through the hassle of waiting for RTX 4090 restock to arrive, you could try purchasing a high-end gaming PC and customizing it with an RTX 4090 card. Origin is currently letting you add an RTX 4090 GPU to its Neuron, Millennium, or Genesis gaming PCs. Starting prices are listed as $1,555, but adding an RTX 4090 chip to your PC will add from $875 to your total price. The plus side is that Origin is taking $200 off all PCs throughout the month of October.  

Zotac RTX 4090 Trinity OC

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One of the tricks to finding stock of any hard-to-find item is to check retailers that most people wouldn’t think to check. B&H Photo, for instance, is a New York-based store that’s popular here in Manhattan, but may not be as popular in other parts of the country. (B&H ships across the country). They’re currently letting you preorder the Zotac RTX 4090 Trinity OC GPU for $1,649. They don’t have a shipping date/estimate, but unlike the other RTX 4090 cards on their site, you can actually buy this now at this price. 

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RTX 4090 cards are practically sold out at Amazon. However, the retailer has a few cards from MSI, Gigabyte, and Asus still available. However, stock is coming in and out. As of this writing, you can get the MSI RTX 4090 Gaming Trio for $1,649 (opens in new tab). It’s sold and shipped via Amazon, but chances are it’ll sell out fast. 

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