Nightmare fuel? Here’s how (and why) scary movies affect your sleep

Halloween is a time for frightening yourself silly with horror movies. If you don’t have a natural disposition towards scary stuff, if just a glance at our best horror movies on Netflix list fills you with dread, that can quickly translate into nightmares or difficulty sleeping. We spoke to a sleep expert to find out exactly why that is, and how to avoid a night staring warily at the shadows in the corner of your room. 

According to qualified Sleep Scientist Theresa Schnorbach, there’s no definitive reason why we have nightmares, although there are plenty of theories. “The purpose of dreaming is highly debated. Some researchers believe that dreams are a way for us to process our memories and help us understand our emotions,” she explains. Based on that understanding, nightmares might be a way for us to make sense of events and experiences that have frightened us. 

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