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Niantic’s Transformers Mobile Game Shuts Down Servers Before Release

The success of Pokémon Go cannot be underestimated. Developer Niantic isn’t seeing much success with his other projects, though. Example: Niantic’s new Transformers Mobile game is already getting the axe.

Niantic cancels mobile game Transformers

Announced in July 2021, Transformers: Heavy Metal was another AR game from Niantic. Following the same gameplay loop as Pokémon Go, you would walk through your city to find and fight Transformers.

In collaboration with development studio Very Very Spaceship, the mobile game Transformers would be a huge new project. Not only was it more action-packed than other Niantic games, but also more demanding. Compared to Pokémon, the visual fidelity was next level.

Transformers: Heavy Metal did make it in some regions. In fact, judging by online gameplay videos, it actually looked quite nice. However, it will unfortunately never make it to a global launch.

Amid a large number of layoffs at Niantic, Niantic’s Transformers project is being scrapped entirely. Despite how much effort has gone into the game, it will never come true. (Personally, we think it looked much better than Pikmin Bloom.)

More Niantic cancellations

Transformers wasn’t the only Niantic game to get the axe. Indicated by BloombergThe Transformers mobile game is part of a collection of canceled projects.

Niantic has also canceled its upcoming Hamlet game. In addition, unreleased projects codenamed Blue Sky and Snowball never come out.

CEO John Hanke explained that the company is facing “a time of economic turmoil”. That is why the development studio is trying to cut costs in many places.

Transformers: Heavy Metal may be just one of those canceled games, but it was the furthest. Unlike Blue Sky, we’ve seen – and some played – this title.

Did you want to play Transformers: Heavy Metal? Are you looking forward to new Niantic games? Tell us in the comments below!

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