New iPhone 14 Exclusive Exposes Stunning Apple Design Decision

According to recent leaks, the iPhone 14 range will get a “complete redesign” with some of Apple’s changes likely to prove controversial. But now the most surprising of them all looks set to happen. 

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This news comes from mysterious leaker Dylankt, who has a remarkably accurate track record leaking iPhone, Mac and AirPods information over the last year. The insider not only corroborates previous reports that Apple will move the iPhone 14 Pro range to a hole punch camera, but says the company has chosen a particularly surprising shape for it. 

According to Dylankt, both iPhone 14 Pro models will have a “pill shaped” cut-out rather than the ubiquitous circle seen on most Android smartphones. This is a design only previously explored in design concepts and was not thought to be a serious contender for commercial release. That said, it makes a lot of sense considering the Face ID sensors Apple also needs to squeeze in alongside the front-facing camera. 

Moreover it appears Apple has already made this design decision. This is because Apple agreed a new supply chain deal with LG for these new panels last month. While the make-up of the panel was revealed (LTPO, 120Hz high refresh rate) the exact shape of their new punch hole was not known, until now. 


It remains hotly contested whether the entire iPhone 14 range will this design upgrade or whether it will be limited to Pro models. That said, Apple’s iPhone 14 plans are now quickly taking shape. 

Alongside the display change, Apple is known to be introducing a supersized ‘iPhone 14 Max’ to replace the iPhone Mini, working on a new 5nm chipset, adding all-new cameras, fitting even bigger batteries and potentially switching iPhone 14 Pro models to a titanium chassis. A return for Touch ID and long awaited switch to USB-C have even been mooted. 


iPhone fans, it’s time to start getting excited. 


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