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Netflix will be released for Android next month

Into the Breach, the second game from the developers of the awesome FTL: Faster Than Light, has been running on desktop for a while now. And it always felt like it would fit big screen mobile devices.

Apparently Netflix agrees, because the streaming giant has revealed the game is coming to the game library next month. Remember when Netflix games were an afterthought? How things change.

The game is a turn-based scrapper where you control a bunch of mechs. You fight against an alien species called the Vek. Time travel is also involved.

Each level try to protect your structures and fight back Vek advances. It’s all about position and timing, making sure your opponent doesn’t get the upper hand and surviving a certain number of turns. Here’s a trailer for the PC version.

Into the Breach is scheduled to release on mobile, exclusively for Netflix subscribers, on July 19.

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