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NetEase Releases New Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Trailer

During the NetEase Connect 2022 event last weekend, NetEase released a brand new trailer for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. It’s touted as an announcement trailer for the global release, but it doesn’t actually provide any new information about when the game will be released. Worldwide.

We’ve known for a while that the game will launch globally in 2022, and while the new trailer is pretty cool, it doesn’t do anything to narrow that window. Which is a shame, but still.

The trailer features some in-game footage of what your digital life at Hogwarts will be like, and there’s some baseball in there too. We’ll give you a moment to look into it now, because we don’t want to rush you.

Elsewhere, NetEase has confirmed that a closed beta test will begin sometime this year, though we don’t have any details on that either. And that pre-registration for the game is coming up. Again, we’re pretty sure that the pre-registration for Magic Awakened has been going on for a while.

There you go. Most of this hasn’t actually been news. But the trailer is new, so at least we gave it a try. We’ll let you know when we hear more about Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

Meanwhile, you can click here to check the official website of the gameif that’s the kind of thing you want to spend your time on.

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