My Dad treated himself to a ride on lawn mower — here’s what happened

Since retiring and moving to a new property, my parents’ biggest hobby has been gardening. From pruning the hydrangeas, to getting rid of any dandelions, their backyard is an ongoing project that they take great pride in. However, my Dad encountered a problem when he realized that his new home came with a sizable lawn. The result — hours of pushing a traditional electric lawn mower by hand, likely making all sorts of lawn care mistakes in the process. 

Consequently, my Dad struggled with the effort required to cut the grass and ended up feeling all sorts of aches and pains. He had to think of an alternative approach. While he had the option to hire help, my Dad loves to upkeep his yard himself, so didn’t want to give away the workload. He decided to treat himself to something he always wanted instead — a riding lawn mower. 

Why buy a riding lawn mower? 

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