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Multiplayer Dash-’em-Up King Rabbit – Race Out Now on Play Store

Rabbits are cool. Racing is cool. Being king is probably a lot of work. But if you combine them all, you get King Rabbit – Race, from Inner Sloth. And the game just landed on the Play Store and packed everything into a neat little package.

We first told you about the game in the heady days of late May. It’s a take on the tap-and-swipe movement mechanics of the other King Rabbit games, but instead of just avoiding obstacles, here you’ll also compete against other players.

It makes for quite an interesting experience. Even if you’re in second place, it’s tempting to let the other player go first and make a mistake so you can avoid it. Here’s a trailer.

The game also includes a daily challenge with a leaderboard that you can use to test your skills and show your results. The better you get, the stronger your opponents will be.

You have an in-game marketplace where you can buy and sell rabbit skins – skins for your rabbit, not literally rabbit skins – as well as various other goodies.

King Rabbit – Race is a fair amount of fun and you can click here to download it from play store† It’s free with IAP.

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