Microsoft Surface Pro 9 vs. Surface Pro 8 — Biggest upgrades to expect

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 hasn’t been officially announced. However, considering that Microsoft has released a new model every year, it’s not unreasonable to assume we’ll see the Surface Pro 9 soon. In fact, the Surface Pro 9 could be announced at the Microsoft Fall 2022 event (opens in new tab) on October 12.

While the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 hasn’t yet been unveiled, we’ve heard some promising reports about what to expect from the next iteration of Microsoft’s flagship series of 2-in-1 Windows laptop/tablet hybrids. The Surface Pro 8 is currently one of the best 2-in-1 laptops you can buy, but if you read our Microsoft Surface Pro 8 review you’ll know there are a few weak points Microsoft could iron out to make the Surface Pro 9 a truly outstanding 2-in-1.

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