Microsoft Surface Pro 9 hands-on: ARM steps up to Intel

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 has finally been unveiled. I say finally because this 2-in-1 device was widely expected given that Microsoft releases a new Surface Pro every year. While last year’s Microsoft Surface Pro 8 featured the most significant change for the series, the latest model doesn’t bring a major overhaul — at least in terms of design. Instead, the Surface Pro 9 story lies under the hood.

The new Surface Pro 9 features two models with current-gen processors — a variant packing a 12th-gen Intel Core CPU and another with the new Microsoft SQ3 processor. That latter model also offers 5G connectivity, which is a first for the Surface line. And, at least based on what Microsoft showed, it seems the 5G version is the only one taking advantage of new AI-powered neural processing unit (NPU) features.

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