Memorial Day gaming sales 2022 — best deals on PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch

The Memorial Day sales are here, with savings on games, consoles and accessories popping up across the internet. Whether you’re a PS5, Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch user, or want to be one, there’s something for you among the deals below.

Money off consoles, video games and gaming accessories are always some of the most popular deals of any major sales event, and we’ve got those well covered. But some consoles are still tricky to get hold of even at regular price. That’s why you’ll see the PS5 and Xbox Series X below too, as we’re doing what we can to flag when they’re available to buy this Memorial Day.

If you see something you like among the deals, then there’s no time like the present to grab it. However we will be continuing to update this page throughout the day, so make sure to check back for deeper discounts and new products too.


Nintendo Switch

Xbox Series X

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