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Medieval II Kingdoms Expansion Release Date Revealed

Total War Medieval II Kingdoms Expansion date with the main character on a blurred medieval background

If you’ve been craving more Total War gameplay, we’ve got something for you. Feral Interactive finally has the Total War: Medieval II Kingdoms release date.

Kingdoms is a port of the first and only expansion to the original PC version of the game and adds a host of new content. If you enjoy the mobile port of this brilliant RTS, you should get it.

Kingdoms is a premium addition to a premium game. This means that you have to pay to play this expansion. Is it worth picking up?

What is the release date of Total War: Medieval II Kingdoms?

The release date of Total War: Medieval II Kingdoms is currently set for November 10. If you’re planning to buy the expansion, it’ll cost you just $6.99 on top of the game’s $14.99 base price.

For your hard-earned dollars, you get access to four new campaigns to play on mobile. In addition, 24 new factions will be added to the RTS to play as. That’s a lot of content!

Watch the trailer here.

If you’re wondering if the game’s Kingdoms expansion is any good, we can almost guarantee it! After all, the PC expansion was critically acclaimed when it was released, and Feral is bringing the whole package to mobile!

Of course, there may be problems with the conversion to mobile. However, judging by Feral’s brilliant ports in the past, we’re confident it will be a great DLC add-on to the game.

What do you think of the new expansion? Will you be picking up the DLC when it comes out later this month?

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