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Medieval II – Kingdoms Expansion Coming to Mobile

The brilliant port of Total War: Medieval II from Feral Interactive is getting its first expansion. This expansion, hopefully the first of many, adds a whole host of new content to the fantastic real-time strategy game.

Total War: Medieval II Kingdoms Expansion

The new Total War expansion, coming to Android this fall, has been described as a “huge” update. A paid DLC for the base game, this is the exact same Kingdoms update that came to the PC version in 2007.

The new expansion adds four entire campaigns to the game. These campaigns are Britannia, Teutonic, Crusades and New World, also known as America. You can play through both American colonization and Welsh colonization.

Unlike Total War: Rome, this is the only expansion to Total War: Medieval II. While Feral could create new content if they wanted to, it probably won’t.

No price point has been announced for the DLC. However, judging by previous expansions, we predict it will be around £5 – £8. That is of course only an estimate.

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What’s next for Feral?

Feral Interactive’s work on Total War: Medieval II is likely to come to an end with this expansion. That doesn’t mean the developer is done bringing the series to mobile, though.

Currently, Feral’s Total War ports have only stayed with the Total War 2 Engine games. Since Medieval II is the last game to use that iteration of the engine, it’s finally time for more modern games.

We hope Feral Interactive will work on bringing one of our favorite games to mobile: Total War: Rome II. As one of the best sequels in the series, we’d love to see it on Android.

What games do you want to come to Android? With Feral at the helm, we believe anything is possible.

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