Massive price drop on Apple iPhone 12, iPhone 11 – Check rates on Amazon, Flipkart HERE

The Apple iPhone 13 series was the latest release by the tech company, which puts out a new series of phones every year or so, with several new features and upgrades. After the release of the Apple iPhone 13 series, the previous series of phones become massively cheaper.

There have been major price cuts in the rates of the Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 series in the last couple of weeks. The iPhone 12 series is still one of the most popular choices for Apple fanatics, with the new discounts making it more affordable than before.

The prices of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 11 were recently slashed by Apple, with e-commerce sites offering even more discounts and payment offers on the smartphone series. The new prices of the iPhone 12 will make you go out and order one today!

The revised prices of iPhone 11 and 12 on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart show a discount of as much as Rs 10,000 on the original prices listed by Apple. The prices of the iPhone variants will vary as compared to the colour and storage options.

Check out the prices of iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 below-

  • Apple iPhone 12 mini (Black) 64 GB – Rs 40,999
  • Apple iPhone 12 mini (White, Blue) 64 GB – Rs 40,990
  • Apple iPhone 12 mini 128 GB – Rs 54,999
  • Apple iPhone 12 64 GB – Rs 53,999
  • Apple iPhone 12 128 GB – Rs 64,999
  • Apple iPhone 11 64 GB – Rs 49,900
  • Apple iPhone 11 128 GB – Rs 54,999

It must be noted that this is the approximate price of the Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 across the e-commerce sites Amazon and Flipkart. The prices of these smartphones might vary from time to time, depending on the discount offers on the sites.

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