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Founded in 2000, Manupatra provides industry-leading search and tools to make legal research easier, faster and more intuitive. The company targets professionals in legal, business, government organizations and law students, whose work requires extensive research. They combine an unparalleled legal, regulatory, business information database of rulings from all courts of India, central and state decrees, notification circulars and more dating back to the 1200s with current updates, powered by search and analytics, making legal research simple and faster, intuitive and relevant. They help users navigate the law faster and improve their decision-making.

Manupatra is known for designing and developing technology products that streamline the operations of law firms and legal departments. As a digital pioneer, the company was the first to offer electronic accessibility of Indian and international materials through a comprehensive database. By leveraging analytics, enterprise search, and information retrieval technologies such as ML, AI, and NLP, they help deliver powerful new decision-making tools to various users around the world. They want to be the indispensable partner of legal professionals, helping them win cases, manage their work more efficiently, better serve their clients and grow their practices.

Over the years, the company has expanded and diversified its portfolio, setting benchmarks as a pioneer for others to follow: is a suite of SaaS Practice Management solutions, namely Litigation Management, Notice Management and Request & Matter Management for corporate legal teams. These streamline the end-to-end activities of the legal teams, from prospecting, onboarding, the lifecycle of each case to closing. Case Tracking tool designed to provide lawyers and law firms with operational efficiency, keep track of their cases online and never miss a deadline. This also enables Litigation Record Check Verification for individuals and businesses. Lawskills is a self-paced e-learning platform that promotes continuous professional development through certification courses in 6 Indian languages. the company’s service offering for Bangladesh, a central point of access to diverse Bangladeshi legal and business knowledge that helps users make critical decisions. Case Tracking in Bangladeshi courts with automatic alerts is also offered. Cloud-based end-to-end compliance management platform is the company’s most recent release.

Today, the Manupatra team has grown to a team of over 150 members, with a nationwide network of sales offices in 19 cities, ensuring subscribers are supported on-site 365 days a year. They also provide paid employment to more than 250 attorneys and individuals who rely on them for their cases.


Priyanka, COO, Manupatra Information Solutions Pvt Limited

About the COO

Priyanka is the Chief Operating Officer at Manupatra. She worked in the private banking industry for 5 years before charting her entrepreneurial journey. She has over 26 years of rich experience in legal technology, SAAS, online legal publishing, e-learning, events and BPO spaces. She came on board and worked as the 2 members of the start-up team in 2000. She worked with Deepak Kapoor, CEO, Manupatra, to develop long-term goals, short-term goals and intensive business strategies for the organization.

At Manupatra, she is responsible for conceptualization, planning, execution, sales, customer support and decision making. She also handles alliances and partnerships.

Leading through domain knowledge

The firm brings digital and technology to the law profession across various aspects of research and operations, designing and developing technology products that streamline the operations of the law firms and legal departments. “Legal Ops is a growing market. It is understaffed; Customers want simple solutions with the maximum width and Manupatra is ready to fill this space,” says Priyanka.

To achieve this goal, they stay connected with the users who help them understand their requirements, and the team then evaluates how technology can be used to provide the best solutions. Currently, the company is working on Python, Net Core, Angular, AWS/Azure and more. They have also started investing in new technologies such as AI and ML-based search engines to provide the best experience for their users.

She says: “We believe that investing in team and technology go hand in hand. Our team is well trained to keep an eye on what is relevant to our requirements. We consume information across various functions and related sectors through text, audio and video.

Speaking of future endeavors, she says: “We are building SAAS-based products for the Indian market. We aim to move to the global market in a few years. Also, we are working on Manupatra Academy which focuses on learning and development. It will also help the cohorts working in the innovation space in the field of justice.”

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