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Welcome, readers, to our 2022 Black Friday TV deals blog. I’m Nick Pino, Managing Editor of TV and AV here at Tom’s Guide and I’m ecstatic to help navigate these treacherous deals waters.

A little background on me: I’ve been covering TVs for various sites including Tom’s Guide and TechRadar for the better part of a decade, and I typically get a chance to see 60 to 70% of the TVs that come out in a given year either for a review or at a tradeshow like CES. 

When picking out TVs for other folks, I try to find the best balance of price and performance – I want to help you save, but I also want you to be blown away by what you end up buying rather than hating it after six months.

I’ll be posting a number of recommendations over the coming weeks (I’m shooting for at least a few deals a day) but feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (opens in new tab) or email if you have a specific question about a deal. 

(Image credit: Best Buy)

One of the best offers we’ve seen from early Black Friday deals is the one going on for the LG A2 OLED that’s available for $569 at Best Buy (opens in new tab).

This is, of course, for the entry-level A-Series OLED that only has a 60Hz refresh rate instead of the 120Hz rate found on the B2 and C2 OLED, however you’d be paying almost double to get one of those models at this size. 

Instead, you’re getting a solid OLED that’s great for playing Xbox One or PS4, and watching TV shows and movies that won’t need the snappiness that a 120Hz panel needs.

Samsung The Frame TV deal

(Image credit: Samsung)

Looking for something stylish to go up alongside the tree? Samsung’s The Frame seamlessly blends in with your holiday décor by turning into a photo display when you’re not watching something. 

While The Frame has typically been more form than function, the latest model sports a 120Hz display with Samsung’s Tizen smart platform built in. We like the new matte finish that significantly reduces glare and the solar remote that doesn’t use batteries.

Who knew going green could look this good.

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