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Little Nightmares Mobile has announced to give you a wearable scare

Bandai Namco’s brilliant horror platformer Little Nightmares is coming to Android and iOS. But what can we expect from this mobile port of Little Nightmares?

Little Nightmares Mobile Announcement

Revealed in a surprise trailerLittle Nightmares Mobile brings the first game in the series to Android. After a successful mobile spin-off Very Little Nightmares, the main games are coming to mobile.

In the game, you play as Six, a small child trying to escape from The Maw. During your journey, you must navigate treacherous puzzles and dodge terrifying enemies designed to make your heart tremble with fear.

Judging by the trailer, Little Nightmares Mobile looks identical to its console and PC counterparts. While we’re sure some graphic sacrifices were made, it’s a great match for the original.

The console release was a brilliant game when it came out in 2017. However, this mobile conversion has the added benefit of being able to be played wherever we want. That’s right, even in the bath.

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Is there support for controllers?

Little Nightmares Mobile comes with a number of features designed for portable gamers. For starters, controller support is announced as a key feature for the upcoming port.

Furthermore, a new interface has been added to make touch controls more suitable. The original game had rather stiff, clunky inputs, so it’s nice to see the game redesigned slightly for phones.

If you are an achievement fighter, there are also mobile achievements to gain. Do you get them all? Or do you only get what is necessary?

Unfortunately, there is no release date or price for the game. However, the game has been confirmed to be released sometime this winter. We were hoping for Halloween.

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