LG C2 OLED for lowest price ever is the Black Friday TV deal I’d buy

It might seem crazy but Black Friday deals are already in full swing, and that makes it a great time to score a killer discount on some brilliant TVs. 

And if there’s one deal I’d buy today it’s the LG C1 55” OLED on sale for $1,296 at Amazon (opens in new tab). That’s $500 off the TV’s original price (Amazon UK also has the LG C2 discounted). And as it’s the Tom’s Guide pick for the best OLED TV of 2022, buying it now before it sells out is a no brainer. Oh, it’s also at the lowest price it’s ever been; move quickly on this one.  

Sadly, I won’t actually be indulging in this TV deal myself, as much as I’d like to. That’s because I have a 55-inch LG C1 OLED, which was probably one of the best deals of the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday period of last year. The LG C2 OLED TV is obviously better than its predecessor, but doesn’t quite move the needle to warrant an upgrade; though the greedy display lover in me is already looking longingly at that big discount. 

But if you’ve yet to make the upgrade from an LCD to an OLED TV may I recommend you seriously consider it. Sure, quality OLEDs aren’t super cheap, but coming from an already very good Samsung LCD 4K TV to the LG C1 was a game changer; quite literally as it makes God of War Ragnarök look utterly incredible. 

The true blacks an OLED panel can provide is transformative to your movie and TV series watching, particularly if a show has a lot of shadows and fires in it, such as House of the Dragon. And the colors on LG C-series OLED TVs are also excellent — the C2 particularly impressed — which work nicely in a move like 2021’s Dune where the sandy lands of Arrakis were suddenly punctuated by flashes of gunfire or energy weapons.  

And like the C1, the LG C2 comes equipped with a host of gaming features, including a dedicated low-latency mode, support for 120Hz refresh rates and VRR (variable refresh rates), which makes it a perfect partner to the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

In short, this is one heck of a TV at a very attractive price that I don’t suspect will get much cheaper give it’s a 2022 model. So I’d suggest leaping on this sooner than later and then sitting back to bask in the glory of a 55-inch OLED TV filled with the latest tech. 

But if you remain unconvinced, then check out our Black Friday live blog, as I’m sure you’ll find a discount or three that’ll take your fancy. 

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