Lego Brawls lets Jurassic Park, Ninjago and Pirates duke it out

LOS ANGELES – Lego Brawls is a family-friendly game, in the literal sense of the term. While “family friendly” often means “exclusively for kids” in practice, that’s not the vibe that Lego Brawls gives off at all. Instead, it’s a quick, intuitive multiplayer brawler that brings in characters from a variety of beloved Lego properties. If you want to build your own minifig from scratch, you can do that. If you prefer to employ weapons and accessories from franchises such as Jurassic Park, Ninjago and Monkie Kid, you can do that, too. It’s a game that I could easily envision kids and parents playing side-by-side.

I went hands-on with Lego Brawls at Summer Game Fest, and what impressed me most about the title was its variety. When I heard the “brawls” in the title, I expected a four-player fighting game, akin to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. But the game’s various modes offer team play, free-for-alls, item collection, point defense and plenty of other multiplayer standbys. Sometimes, it fees like Smash Bros.; other times, it feels like TowerFall; other times, it feels like Overwatch. The gameplay isn’t that deep, but it’s also fast-paced and diverse enough to keep from getting stale.

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