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League of Legends Wild Rift is finally coming to Southeast Asia

As competitive MOBA games take off on mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift has taken off. The mobile spin-off has proved incredibly popular over the years and has become one of the best MOBAs on the phone.

However, the frenetic MOBA has been kept away in some regions. It is known that the game was not available in Southeast Asia, one of the most popular markets for mobile games.

This will change in the coming months. After a long period of letting fans sideload the game, Riot Games is bringing Wild Rift to the region itself. But what does this mean for fans?

Revealed in one blog post, Riot Games revealed that Southeast Asian players will be able to access the game soon. This will be done through the company’s own publishing efforts, a first for Riot’s mobile division.

League of Legends: Wild Rift won’t be the only game to benefit from this. Teamfight Tactics will even be released in the region as well. Looks like it’s a good time for Riot Games fans!

“Our new structure in Asia Pacific will see us expand our efforts in countries where we already publish, such as Japan and India,” Riot announced. “In addition, we are also setting up new local offices in key countries, including the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Players in these countries can look forward to a dedicated Riot office focused purely on creating hyper-local experiences by tailoring our games to audiences in each country and region as a whole.”

This means that players in this region who are actively playing the game will get Riot accounts just like everyone else. If you are affected, you will be able to transfer your current Garena account to a Riot account in the near future.

However, you have to wait a while first. As it stands, Wild Rift and Teamfight Tactics won’t get their new launch until sometime in 2023. Better late than never?

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