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Kingdom Update Makes Gacha Worse, Developers Apologize

The cute gacha game Cookie Run: Kingdom has overcooked its new update. In an upcoming update to the mobile game, developer Devsisters made the game a little bit scummy and they’re already apologizing.

What’s in the new Cookie Run: Kingdom update?

In the upcoming update, Cookie Run: Kingdom has made significant changes to its monetization. Of course, these changes are for the worse, and fans are far from happy about it.

In the current version of the game, players can upgrade characters with in-game currency. However, in the new update, that feature now comes with a chance of failure. This means that upgrading a character may not actually work.

This feature is not technically new. Previous game in the series Cookie Run: Ovenbreak also had a very similar function. It turns out players hated it back then, too.

In addition, the latest update increases the character level cap from five stars to six stars. This means that any duplicate shards received for characters during recent gacha draws were useless.

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Devsisters apologize profusely

As posted on reddit, developer Devsisters knows that fans are quite pissed about the upcoming update. While the update is still coming, the developer is trying to soften the blow.

In a statement, the developer said:

“Many of you have provided a lot of feedback about the addition of these new upgrade systems. Some of you expressed concern that incorporating these additions and changes might feel like a burden. We understand and agree that these new changes may indeed have looked like this. To allay your concerns, we have conducted thorough research and discussions on how to address the issues.”

In the new update, Devsisters will reduce the number of Soulstones required for Cookie Ascension. In addition, they offer refunds of in-game resources for failed upgrades in the new update.

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