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Kingdom BTS partnership offers a full concert, BTS cookies and more

The K-Pop stands are crumbling as a Cookie Run: Kingdom BTS collaboration is underway. After the unbridled success of BTS’ own mobile game, the K-Pop boy band comes to the land of cookies.

Unveiled by developer Devsisters, this new partnership will celebrate the band in vastly new ways. Are you excited?

What’s in the Cookie Run: Kingdom BTS collaboration?

The Cookie Run: Kingdom BTS collab is packed with sweet BTS treats for fans. This will come in the game’s “Braver Together” collaborative event.

First, you can get unique cookies for games. The cookies are based on each member of BTS. This means you can collect seven different cookies, one for each band member. For those who are not fans, those are: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook.

In addition to the cookies, you can also explore a themed map based on the boy band. This new environment will be filled with all-new lore, putting the boy band firmly in the Cookie Run universe.

Finally, the collaboration will be concluded with a huge virtual concert with BTS. All seven members will be featured in the gacha game in cookie form. Are you watching the event?

When does the event start?

Before the event kicks off, Cookie Run: Kingdom’s publisher developers will be running a heavy promotional campaign. To sell the Cookie Run: Kingdom BTS collaboration, the studio is releasing a lot of promotional material.

Between September 23 and September 30, seven photo cards and 14 videos will be released on Cookie Run: Kingdoms official social media accounts. If you are a BTS super fan, you must see them all!

After that, the collab should start in full! That’s right, you can enjoy all that BTS goodness to your heart’s content.

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