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Jinshin Pre-registration is now available

Jinshin pre-registration is now available on the game’s official website Google Play for Android users. The new game from Kemco has a pixelated style, charming anime portraits and RPG gameplay.

Participate in turn-based combat, a typical element in JRPG games, and use strategic measures to win. Collect various materials that you can use to craft and upgrade your armor and weapons so that you can become stronger in battle. The weapons you obtain will unlock something called the “Kami Arts”.

From the little clip in the trailer, we can see that you can get these magical arts from Tsukumo Kami. We don’t really know what these magical arts are at this point, but we’ll keep an eye out for more information.

How’s the gameplay?

In addition to the fighting and crafting system, there is also development gameplay. The village you live in needs improvement. By developing the village, you will receive new crafting recipes and other rewards. As for the story, so far all we know is that it focuses on a specific group called the Amaterasu clan who live in the land of Asuka.

What is the game about?

One day, a young man with impressive sword skills and wisdom joins the clan. His name is Mikazuchi, and he teams up with the Sword Master of the Amaterasu Clan, Hinoko. Mikazuchi’s main mission is to save his master from the dangerous Onigami Ichigan.

The trailer also includes a short section showcasing the characters in the game:

  • Makina
  • Nasuno
  • Raiden
  • Hinoko
  • Mikazuchi

Who do we play as?

Unfortunately, not much information is currently available for Jinshin. We’re not entirely sure if we’re playing as Mikazuchi, or if he’s an NPC. Being a turn-based RPG, we expect the combat system to allow us to control every party member.

Jinshin Pre-registration

We’ll keep an eye out for any new announcement for Jinshin and we’ll report the important stuff as soon as possible – keep an eye on our website for more! If you are interested in the game, don’t forget to participate in the Jinshin Pre-registration.

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