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Ironhide Announces Mobile RTS Sequel Iron Marines Invasion

Ironhide, the developer behind the Kingdom Rush series, has announced a sequel to its award-winning mobile RTS, Iron Marines. It’s called Iron Marines Invasion, and it’s now ready for pre-registration on the Play Store.

The game builds on the foundations of the original game, with over 25 missions spread across a ton of different planets. You collect and upgrade units and try to save the galaxy along the way.

There are a variety of weapons to equip and change, allowing you to explore different strategies as you take on alien villains and mercenaries. Shall we watch the announcement trailer? Yes. Yes we will.

You need to complete more than 20 achievements and there are 70 special operations that can help you boost your soldiers to their maximum level. So actually there is a lot to do.

The original Iron Marines is one of the best RTS games on Android, and it’s added some fun tower defense elements to make everything click brilliantly on the touchscreen.

To pre-register for Iron Marines on the Play Store, you can do that by clicking here† And if you want to know more about the game, check out the official Iron Marines Invasion website by clicking here

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