iPhone 14 Pro leak just revealed how always-on display could beat everything else

The new iPhone 14 Pro’s rumored always-on display (AOD) is one of the most interesting features tipped for Apple’s next flagship. And new evidence found by 9to5Mac not only seemingly confirms this, but shows how it will improve on existing AODs on rival phones.

There was already evidence of always-on display support in iOS 16, but now 9to5Mac has found an important piece of additional evidence. The iOS 16 wallpapers all offer a new “Sleep” state for the new iOS 16 wallpapers, which darkens and desaturates the regular image. This activates when you turn off the screen by locking the phone.

You can see how this looks in the GIF below. We’ve seen Apple take a similar approach with the AOD on the Apple Watch 7 and previous watches, so it makes sense that Apple would copy this for the iPhone 14.

A GIF showing the iOS 16 clownfish wallpaper going into Sleep mode, with the brightness and colors reducing

(Image credit: 9to5Mac)

Always-on displays have been common on the best Android phones for years, so we’ve been waiting a long time for Apple to catch up. With evidence like this as well as claims from respected leakers, it seems like the iPhone 14 Pro is the iPhone to finally introduce it, and take it a step further by displaying the whole wallpaper rather than a black screen with widgets.

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