iPad Pro 2022: Here’s what it needs to be a great laptop replacement

The Apple iPad Pro 2022 has been tipped for a fall release timed to coincide with the postponed arrival of iPadOS 16. Rumors suggest the upcoming premium tablet will pack the Apple M2 chip, the same processor found in the MacBook Pro M2 and MacBook Air M2 laptops. This, along with the tablet’s expected 12.9-inch mini LED display and Magic Keyboard compatibility, makes us ask the age-old question: Can the iPad Pro 2022 replace your laptop?

We asked the same question about the iPad Air 2022. Though I thought that tablet was a halfway decent laptop replacement when paired with the Magic Keyboard, it still wasn’t as capable as the best Windows laptops or best MacBooks. Put another way, the iPad Air 2022 is amazing but it can’t replace your laptop. Senior Editor Henry Casey shared a similar sentiment in his review of the iPad Air 2020, as did Senior Writer Kelly Woo, who tried to use that same iPad model for work while at the airport.

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