iPad 2022’s USB-C port isn’t the upgrade you’d expect

The iPad 2022 finally adds USB-C connectivity to Apple’s entry-level tablet, joining the ranks of the iPad mini 6, iPad Air and iPad Pros that have been rocking the connector for some time. But, as it turns out, the change comes with some caveats — including Lightning-tier data transfer speeds.

As noted by The Verge (opens in new tab) the new iPad’s USB-C port is limited to USB 2.0-level data transfer speeds. That’s around 480 Mbps, the same as Lightning, and pretty meager compared to the 5 Gbps speeds afforded by the iPad mini 6’s USB 3.1 port. The iPad Air likewise offers 10 Gbps data transfer, while the Thunderbolt-equipped iPad Pro with M1 can hit 40 Gbps.

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