IOS 16 just got a handy new YouTube widget — and you can try it now

Google has completely adapted to iOS 16 with many of it’s apps getting their own lock screen widgets that you can try right away. After Chrome, Gmail, Google Drive, Google News and most recently Google Maps getting their own iPhone lock screen widgets — YouTube that has finally jumped on the bandwagon. 

Apple added the ability to add a few widgets to the iPhone lock screen as part of its iOS 16 lock screen customization update. Third-party apps have now started rolling out their own widgets for iOS 16. While any iPhone right up to iPhone 14 that is updated to iOS 16 can access these widgets — only the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max can have them as part of their always-on display.

YouTube’s iPhone widget is one of the most useful ones we have come across. You have an option between two lock screen widget types. The first only has an option for ‘Search’, while the other has options for quickly accessing Subscriptions, Shorts and search, text and voice search as well. 

Screenshot of YouTube widget on iPhone

(Image credit: Future)

Shorts is YouTube’s push towards short-form videos like Reels and TikTok. But it is the Subscriptions and voice search shortcuts that really got our attention. It is really quick and convenient to use for finding the exact video you want. 

Screenshot of YouTube's lock screen widget on an iPhone

(Image credit: Future)

You can install the YouTube widget by long pressing on the home screen of your iPhone, then tapping on the plus icon on the left corner and searching for the widget there. You will need to have YouTube’s latest app update installed first though — which is version 17.40.5.

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