iOS 16.2 beta just brought this handy Dynamic Island upgrade to iPhone 14 Pro

One of the biggest upgrades Apple brought to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max was the new Dynamic Island. The tech giant ditched the eye sore that was the notch for its Pros this year and brought a kind of fluid notch that can transform into notifications or live activities.

Now, iOS 16.2 beta has brought a big update to the Dynamic Island that has seen minor software tweaks since its launch. 

Currently, when music is playing, the Dynamic Island shows the battery icon along with either the Wi-Fi or signal bars. With this new update, the island will shrink down in width and all three icons will now be visible when music is played. It will also have a sleek animation that will set it in place. 

The Dynamic Island on an iPhone 14 Pro Max

Dynamic Island shows all the phone’s icons on the iPhone 14 Pro Max (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Depending on the live activity, Apple shows only a few icons on the top of the iPhone 14 Pro. If it is an activity with more content, then there are only a few icons that are currently visible. This was slightly worrying at times because the signal bars would vanish upon launching an app or playing music, leading users to think that they had lost signal. This update will fix that and is much more useful in showing Dynamic Island’s purpose of handling live activities along with relevant phone information side-by-side.

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