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Immortality mobile delayed on release day

Her Story developer Sam Barlow’s latest game Immortality has been delayed on Android and iOS. But when will Immortality Mobile come out on Netflix Gaming?

Why is Immortality Mobile delayed?

Originally, Immortality Mobile was supposed to launch day and night with the console and PC versions. However, as those versions launch today, we mobile gamers are left behind.

In a message on Twitter, publisher Half Mermaid has revealed that the game will be released on mobile at a later date. While no specific reasons have been given for the slowdown, it seems that performance or glitches are the cause.

Half Mermaid explained that the mobile version will still be released in the very near future. However, no new release date has been confirmed for Android or iOS.

“IMMORTALITY is coming *very soon* to Apple and Android devices on Netflix,” they said. “We’re taking a little extra time for our mobile release to make sure it’s the best experience possible for Netflix members around the world.”

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Worth the wait

While it’s annoying that we have to wait to play Immortality Mobile, it should be worth the wait. As reviews are released today, it looks like the game is one of the best titles released in recent years.

After the fantastic Her Story and Telling Lies, Immortality was already very much expected. However, the recent batch of reviews has revealed that this may well be one of the best games on mobile ever. We are very excited to try it out!

We’re really excited to try out Immortality’s new game when it comes out on mobile. Are you going to try the game? Do you have Netflix Gamimg? Tell us in the comments below.

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