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Immortal Rogue Dev Announces New Roguelite Hack-‘n-Slasher Ultra Blade

Kyle Barrett, the one-man developer behind Immortal Rogue and Blast Waves, has announced his new game. It’s called Ultra Blade and it’s a roguelite hack ‘n’ slasher with some huge helicopters.

You play a knight with a sword that is so big that you can only swing it if you move at the same time. You have to fight your way through hordes of enemies and also tap to stomp.

As you fight, you unlock in-game upgrades that can change the way you play. Apparently there will be thousands of different combinations, which is a lot of combinations. Here’s a trailer.

Like all of Barrett’s games, Ultra Blade looks beautiful. You can imagine playing it on a Mega Drive. Or see someone else play it on a Mega Drive. Guard. A Genesis, that’s what they were called where you probably come from.

There are six different biomes to fight through and tons of mutating enemies to hack into. You can play an endless mode or take on challenges that are refreshed every hour.

Ultra Blade will hit the Play Store later this year. If so, it’s a premium game that will set you back $3.99. We’ll let you know when we hear a release date. Meanwhile, Click here to view the game’s official website

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