I’m renting an electric car for my vacation — and now I’m nervous

It’s fair to say that I am a pretty loyal member of team-EV. I’ve been driving an electric car since early 2021, and have made the decision that I won’t be switching back to gasoline by choice. So when it came to booking a rental car for my upcoming vacation to Orlando, the first thing I did was check out what electric cars were available.

Not many, which isn’t a huge surprise, but I was able to secure a Tesla Model Y for the duration of my two-week trip. Everything is booked, paid for, and I’m guaranteed that particular car. The only problem is I’ve been getting nervous about the whole thing — even though I know I shouldn’t be.

Renting an EV felt like a no-brainer 

Tesla Model Y steering wheel

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The decision to rent an EV while I was on vacation wasn’t a very difficult one. When I booked the price difference between a Model Y and a gasoline-powered car wasn’t that great. Around $200 at the time of booking, compared to the cheapest car Hertz had to offer, and the Model Y was far from the most expensive car I could have considered. 

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