I’d buy an air fryer over a toaster oven — here’s why

If you want to introduce air frying into your meals, you’re likely stuck between buying one of the best air fryers or one of the best toaster ovens. This isn’t unusual when you consider how similar these appliances are, at least at first. Both are kitchen countertop appliances that can air fry ingredients to produce crispy and tender results.

However, there’s actually a substantial difference between air fryers and toaster ovens and depending on which you choose, your whole experience will differ. And while the right choice for you will depend on your circumstances and preferences, personally I think an air fryer is the better road to take. Here’s why.      

1. Better performance 

First of all, air fryers are dedicated to the cause. These appliances are designed specifically for air frying as well as broiling, and will produce crisp and flavorsome results with ease. While settings tend to be limited, they’re adequate to get the job done. And with a sizable basket that can hold up to seven quarts, these are more accommodating for stacking French fries versus the crisping tray provided with a toaster oven. 

Pouring out foods from air fryer

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Toaster ovens, in comparison, are more versatile, but don’t necessarily excel at any one task. These can bake, roast and toast in addition to air fry and broil. While this opens up more recipe possibilities, in my testing experience, I’ve found that toaster ovens don’t deliver as quite a solid performance when it comes to air frying as a consequence. For that matter, some toaster ovens can struggle across several of the settings on offer. Because of the extensive versatility, these appliances can fail to deliver a premium performance across the board. 

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