iCloud for the web just got a huge makeover — and it’s much easier to use

iCloud is a constant for iPhone users. If you have an iPhone 14 or one of the best iPhones, you’re most likely using iCloud to back up your phone and photos. But many users don’t know that they can access iCloud through the web, and it just got a big overhaul. 

Apple (opens in new tab) has announced a new beta for the iCloud web client that should update what was previously a basic user interface. The beta version has a clean look, with tiles for each app: Photos, Mail, Drive, etc.

You can even create documents through Pages from the iCloud Beta web client and instantly see them reflected in your Drive from the iCloud for web beta home page, which feels similar to using Microsoft Office 365 online. Previously, you would have had to take a couple of extra steps to verify that the new Pages document was added to your Drive. 

iCloud for web beta

(Image credit: Apple)

Having tested the new and old layouts myself, I can definitely say the new layout is superior. Things even as simple as opening apps into a new window instead of the same window feel like massive quality-of-life improvements. If you’re someone that uses iCloud on the web regularly, switching to the beta version is a must. It’s another nice upgrade for iCloud, which already is set to get some upgrades for its Windows app.

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