I was done with Marvel TV shows — then Ms. Marvel won me back

Over the past 12 months, I’ve been fairly vocal about my disappointment with the various Marvel TV shows that have hit Disney Plus. While I enjoyed WandaVision and all its weirdness, Falcon and Winter Solider bored me and I only begrudgingly finished Hawkeye out of a sense of duty. My dissatisfying run with Marvel shows came to a head with Moon Knight, a show that failed to grab me from the outset — which has subsequently proved to be quite a hot take. 

So when Ms. Marvel premiered earlier this month, I only really watched the first episode out of morbid curiosity. To be honest, I was so disengaged with Marvel’s small screen efforts in the wake of Moon Knight, that I mistakenly believed Ms. Marvel released a week later than it did. I was momentarily surprised when I booted up Disney Plus on Wednesday, June 8 to see a banner ad telling me “Ms. Marvel episode 1 is now streaming.” 

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