I tried TikTok’s 5 am routine for a week — and the results surprised me

There’s a new health craze taking off on TikTok, and it’s not a hot girl walk. With more than 6.2 million views on the platform, people are seemingly transforming their physical and mental health with a 5 AM morning routine. Far from just setting an early alarm clock, the 5 AM routine is designed to help you start your day in a more positive way. To find out more, I changed my alarm, dug out my favorite gym kit, and gave it a go. 

Of course, getting up early isn’t anything new. Robin Sharma wrote a book called, ‘The 5 am Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate your life’ in 2018, and there are a number of other similar books and plans on the market. The goal is simple: to get up earlier, when the house is quiet, and start your day with some movement and meditation. 

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